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I caught this fish in 1992 when I was 7 years old.  As you can see the fish is almost as big as me.  It was a 36" Northern Pike and I caught it on an $8 fishing pole from Big Wheel.  I was up in the UP on vacation when I caught it.

The buck above on the left I shot with my bow in 2002 during the last week of bow season.  I shot it with my Browning bow that I have only had for 2 years.  This was my first deer that I have ever killed.  It was a 6 point with a 13 1/2 inch spread.

The buck above on the right I shot this season in 2003 on opening morning of gun season.  This buck I currently am having mounted.  This buck is an 8 point with an 18 inch outside spread.  This is my first buck with a gun and it was a big one.



This is a collage of my past fishing experiences and me at the taxidermist in Schoolcraft.